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Supreme Carbide Bits

  Supreme Carbide Bits    
Code Type Grit  Shaft Width   Code Type Grit  Shaft Width  
 CS-3CG    Large Barrel    Coarse, Gold   3/32"  CS-5MG   Small Barrel Med, Gold 3/32"
CS-3CS Large Barrel Coarse, Silver 3/32" CS-5MS Small Barrel Med, silver 3/32"
CS-3FG Large Barrel Fine, Gold 3/32"  CS-6CG   Small Barrel  Coarse, Gold   1/8"
CS-3FS Large Barrel Fine, Silver 3/32" CS-6CS Small Barrel Coarse, Silver 1/8"
CS-3MG Large Barrel Med, Gold 3/32" CS-6FG Small Barrel Fine, Gold 1/8"
CS-3MS Large Barrel Med, silver 3/32" CS-6FS Small Barrel Fine, Silver 1/8"
 CS-4CG   Large Barrel  Coarse, Gold   1/8" CS-6MG Small Barrel Med, Gold 1/8"
CS-4CS Large Barrel Coarse, Silver 1/8" CS-6MS Small Barrel Med, silver 1/8"
CS-4FG Large Barrel Fine, Gold 1/8" CS-11MF Toothpick M/F, Silver 3/32"
CS-4FS Large Barrel Fine, Silver 1/8" CS-11MFS Toothpick M/F, Silver 3/32"
CS-4MG Large Barrel Med, Gold 1/8" CS-11MFSB Toothpick

M/F, Silver Bright

CS-4MS Large Barrel Med, silver 1/8" CS-12MF Toothpick M/F, Silver 1/8"
 CS-5CG   Small Barrel  Coarse, Gold   3/32" CS-13MS 4W Backfill Med, Gold 3/32"
CS-5CS Small Barrel Coarse, Silver 3/32" CS-15MFS Med Backfill Med, Silver 1/8"
CS-5FG Small Barrel Fine, Gold 3/32" CS-15MFSB Med Backfill Med, Silver Bright 1/8"
CS-5FS Small Barrel Fine, Silver 3/32"
Diamond Drill Bits & Titanium Coated Carbide Bits     Diamond Drill Bits (60 pieces per pack)
Code Type Grit Shaft width
Y91-DF1  Large Barrel   Fine 3/32"
Y91-DF34 Large Barrel Fine 1/8"
Y91-DM1 Large Barrel Medium 3/32"
Y91-DM34 Large Barrel Medium 1/8"
Y91-DC1 Large Barrel Coarse 3/32"
Y91-DC34 Large Barrel Coarse 1/8"
Y91-SBF1 Small Barrel Fine 3/32"
Y91-SBF34 Small Barrel Fine 1/8"
Y91-SBM1 Small Barrel Medium 3/32"
Y91-SBM34 Small Barrel Medium 1/8"
Y91-SBC1 Small Barrel Coarse 3/32"
Y91-SBC34 Small Barrel Coarse 1/8"
Y91-CF1 Cone Fine 3/32"
Y91-CF34 Cone Fine 1/8"
Y91-CM1 Cone Medium 3/32"
Y91-CM34 Cone Medium 1/8"
Y91-CC1 Cone Coarse 3/32"
Y91-CC34 Cone Coarse 1/8"
Y91-HCF1 Half Cone Fine 3/32"
Y91-HCM1 Half Cone Medium 3/32"
Y91-HCC1 Half Cone Coarse 3/32"
Y91-TPM1 Tooth Pick Medium 3/32"
Y91-FF1 Football Fine 3/32"
Y91-FF34 Football Fine 1/8"
Y91-FM1 Football Medium 3/32"
Y91-FM34 Football Medium 1/8"
Y91-FC1 Football Coarse 3/32"
Y91-FC34 Football Coarse 1/8"
Y91-BFM1 Back Fill Medium 3/32"
    Titanium Coated Carbide Bits
Code Type Grit    Shaft width  


 Large Barrel   Fine 3/32"
C-4F Large Barrel Fine 1/8"
C-5F Small Barrel Fine 3/32"
C-6F Small Barrel Fine 1/8"


Cone Fine 3/32"
C-8F Cone Fine 1/8"
C-9F Football Fine 3/32"
C-10F Football Fine 1/8"


Tooth Pick

Fine 3/32"

Tooth Pick

Fine 1/8"
C-13F 4W Backfill Fine 3/32"
C-14F 2W Backfill Fine 3/32"
C-15F 4W Backfill Fine 1/8"
C-16F 2W Backfill Fine 1/8"
    Diamond Drill Bits   NEW! Diamond Drill Bits

Y91-BFLM1 ..... French Backfill Large, Med 3/32

Y91-BFLM3 ..... French Backfill, large Med 1/8

Y91-BFM1 ..... French BFM Diamond Bit, Medium,3.32

Y91-BFM34 ..... French BFM Diamond Bit, Med,1.8

    Titanium Coated Carbide bits   NEW! Titanium Coated Carbide Bits

C-19FG ..... Carbide , Tapered Cone, 3/32, Fine, Gold

C-17FG ..... Carbide , Inverted Cone, 3/32, Fine, Gold

C-19FR ..... Carbide , Tapered Cone, 3/32, Regular, Gold

C-19FG..... Carbide , Inverted Cone, 3/32, Regular, Gold



The unique shape of these Mandrels hold the sanding band firmly in place and prevent slipping. (100 pieces per pack)
Code Type of Metal Shaft Width
PSM1 Plated Steel 3/32"
PSM34 Plated Steel 1/8"
BM1 Brass 3/32"
BM34 Brass 1/8"
SSM1 Stainless Steel 3/32"
SSM34 Stainless Steel 1/8"

    Sanding Bands  

Sanding Bands

Sanding Band cylinders are for use with mandrels. They come in coarse - 80 grit, medium - 150 grit or fine - 240 grit. They also come in black (made in USA) or brown (made in China). (1,000 per bag. 10,000 per case)

Code Color Grit
SBC-FBK Black Fine
SBC-MBK Black Medium
SBC-CBK Black Coarse
SBC-FBR Brown Fine
SBC-MBR Brown Medium
SBC-CBR Brown Coarse
    Adjustable Mandrels  

Adjustable Mandrels

Having trouble getting your sanding bands to fit your mandrels?  Adjustable Mandrels solve the problem. Turning the adjustment screw at the top will extend or contract these mandrels to fit a variety of sanding band sizes. Made from stainless steel and rubber. (100 piece per bag)

M-ADJ ......Adjustable Mandrels


    Pink Stone Drill Bits  

Pink Stone Drill Bits

These are effective nail fileing tool. We sell both cone and barrel shapes. (100 pieces per bag)

Y92-PTC ...... Cone Shaped 3/32"

Y92-PB ...... Barrel Shaped 3/32"

    Diamond and Carbide Bits Stands  

Diamond and  Carbide Bits Stand

This made for 3/32" size drill bit shafts. (50 pieces per pack)

Y91-ST ...... Black color

    Acrylic Bit Stand  

Acrylic Bit Stand

This holds both 1/8" or 3/32" drill bit shafts. (50 pieces per pack)

Y91-CPS ...... Clear color

    Chamois Nail Buffer Mandrel  

NEW! Chamois Nail Buffer Mandrel


NB-M18 ...... Chamois Nail Buffer Mandrel 1/8

NB-M332 ...... Chamois Nail Buffer Mandrel 3/32


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